Are Higher Mortgage Rates Here To Stay?

Maggie Titus  |  October 19, 2023

Are Higher Mortgage Rates Here To Stay?
Mortgage rates have been climbing again recently, and we know it's causing quite a buzz in the media. If you've been keeping an eye on the news at all, you might have noticed that rates recently reached their highest point in over two decades (as you can see in the graph below). It's enough to give you a pause if you're contemplating a move. If you're wondering whether it's wise to delay your plans, here's the scoop you need!
How Rising Mortgage Rates Impact You
It's undeniable that mortgage rates are currently higher than they've been in recent years. When rates go up, it directly affects the overall affordability of homes. Here's the deal: as rates climb, borrowing money to purchase a home becomes more expensive. That's because as rates trend upward, your monthly mortgage payment for your future home loan also swells.
The Urban Institute breaks down how this situation is affecting both buyers and sellers right now:
"As mortgage rates rise, monthly housing payments for new purchases also rise. For potential buyers, these increased monthly payments can limit the availability of affordable homes. Furthermore, higher interest rates translate to fewer homes on the market, as existing homeowners are motivated to keep their homes to maintain their low-interest rates."
In essence, some folks are hitting the pause button on their plans because of the current mortgage rate situation. But what you're probably wondering is: is that a savvy strategy?
Where Are Mortgage Rates Heading?
If you're eagerly anticipating a drop in mortgage rates, you're not alone. Many are in the same boat, hoping for a decline. But here's the kicker: no one can predict when that will happen, not even the experts. Forecasts suggest rates might decrease in the coming months, but recent data shows a steady climb, underscoring how unpredictable mortgage rates can be.
The best advice for your upcoming move is straightforward: don't waste energy trying to control the uncontrollable. This includes attempting to time the market or making educated guesses about the future of mortgage rates.
If you're in the market for a new home, experts typically recommend focusing on finding the right property, not obsessing over the interest rate environment.
Instead, channel your efforts into building a team of seasoned professionals, including a trusted lender and a knowledgeable real estate agent, who can decode what's happening in the market and what it means for your unique situation. Whether you're relocating due to a job change, downsizing after retirement, the desire to be closer to family, or another significant life change, the right team can empower you to achieve your goals, even in the current climate.
When it comes to your impending move, remember the golden rule: don't wrestle with things beyond your control, particularly unpredictable mortgage rates. Even the experts can't provide a certain roadmap for their future trajectory. Instead, focus on cultivating a team of dependable professionals who can keep you well-informed. When you're ready to kickstart the process, let's get in touch!

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