Financing Your Next Home Purchase Before Selling: Strategies and Options

Maggie Titus  |  January 24, 2024

Financing Your Next Home Purchase Before Selling: Strategies and Options

In the dynamic world of real estate, timing is crucial. One of the strategic decisions facing homeowners is whether to buy a new property before selling their existing one. This approach, often seen in California's competitive market, can offer several advantages but also has unique challenges. As a real estate agent, I guide you through this process, ensuring a smooth transition from your home to your dream property.


Benefits of Buying Before Selling

  1. Unlock Equity with Ease: Through programs like HomeLight's Buy Before You Sell, homeowners in California can tap into their home's equity to finance their next purchase. This step is crucial in a market where liquidity is critical to making a competitive offer.
  2. Confident Purchasing: Buying your next home without a sale contingency means you can make a robust and appealing offer. In a state where the median sales price of existing homes was $428,700 as of October 2023, being able to bid confidently is a significant advantage.
  3. Peaceful Selling: After moving into your new home, selling your previous property becomes simpler. With the house vacant, it's easier to stage and sell, potentially attracting better offers.


Navigating the Buy Before You Sell Process

Navigating this process requires careful planning and strategic financial management. Tools like the mortgage calculator from the California Association of Realtors® (CAR) and Rocket Mortgage's interactive budgeting tool are invaluable for understanding your financial position.

When considering bridge loans, as discussed in Forbes' "Navigating Bridge Loans in a Competitive California Market," it's essential to understand their mechanics, eligibility, and risks. Bridge loans can offer a temporary financial cushion but have specific requirements and costs.

For a smooth "buy-before-sell" process, getting pre-approved, as advised by CAR, is crucial. This step positions you as a serious buyer and speeds up purchasing.


The Agent's Role and HomeLight's Program

As your agent, I, Marni Jimenez, am here to assist you through every step of this journey. My expertise in California's real estate market and access to resources like HomeLight's Buy Before You Sell Program ensure you're well-equipped to make informed decisions. To learn more about how I can assist you, visit my HomeLight Buy Before You Sell Page.


Buying before selling offers a strategic edge in California's real estate market, especially given the state's competitive nature and rapid sales pace. Homeowners can navigate this process successfully with proper financial planning, an understanding of available tools and programs, and professional guidance. Start by exploring your options and planning your strategy with an experienced agent like myself. Check out my Agent's HomeLight Buy Before You Sell Page for more information.


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